STRIKE (Strategy Technology Resource In Kingdom Expansion) is a training program designed for seminaries, church and mission schools and like-minded educational entities that intend to engage in Bible translation.  Together in partnership, STRIKE helps raise capacity and competency in Bible translation to forge commitment and collaboration of the local and national leadership to advance Bible translation in obedience to the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

STRIKE Training


A STRIKE workshop lasts for three days of training on the MAST Strategy (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation Bible), Bible Translation Tools (BTT) and Action Planning. The topics covered in a Strike workshop include:

  • The History of Bible Translation and MAST
  • Forms of Bible Translation (Oral, Written, Deaf & Blind)
  • Integrated Theory Training
  • Bible Translation Tools (BTT) - BTT Writer, BTT Recorder, BTT Autographa,
  • Bible Translation Rubric & Quality Checking
  • Research on Bibleless people groups
  • Action planning and formalizing partnerships.

The goal of the workshop is to raise capacity and competency of the partnering institution so that they can multiply the workshop and equip their people to make available God’s Word in their heart language in line with the Great Commission.


A STRIKE project is led by individuals who successfully completed a Strike workshop. They have identified a people group that do not have a Bible and want one. They work with their church and the cooperation of other local church/es or associations that work or intends to work among the Bibleless People Group (BPG). They find creative ways to start the Bible translation whether one on one, small group or having a MAST workshop.  Wycliffe Associates mobilizes assistance to ensure the success of these projects.


A 12 units Concentration in Bible Translation has been developed for seminary and/or non-formal educational settings. The 3 units modules include the following:

  • The History of Bible Translation and the Reformation
  • Translation Methodology and Technology
  • Quality Assurance and Special Needs Translation
  • Practicum in Bible Translation.

These modules can also be offered in seminaries as a graduate concentration or a certificate program.


The Asian (Global) Center for Missions (ACM) of CBN Asia in the Philippines

The Seminario Teologico de Centro America (SEBIPCA) of COGWM in Guatemala

The Himalayan Center for Missions in West Bengal

Avail of STRIKE

Your seminary, church & mission school or educational entity can be a partner in your country and region to avail of STRIKE.  We can help you advance the Great Commission.  For more inquiries, send us an email [email protected]. Log on to STRIKE TRAINING and visit the STRIKE YouTube channel M2414 ADVANCE for instructional videos.