God has given you the gift of language which you can use to make the Bible available to others who speak your language. Below are translation processes to help you. After you have chosen a process, click on our Resources page to see the kinds of resources available to help you translate the Bible.

  • For written or oral translations, use MAST.
  • For sign language translations, use DOT.
  • For deaf who can't read and the blind, use SUN.


Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation (MAST) is a methodology that enables the church to quickly learn, implement and own its translation process.  The eight step method allows native language speakers to participate in both written and oral translations bringing together churches and communities to quickly have access to God's word in their heart language.


Deaf Owned Translation (DOT) is a translation program that uses methodology for literate deaf people to translate written scripture into a known sign language.   This program produces videos for the deaf communities and church to reach the largest collective people group without scripture globally.


Symbolic Universal Notation (SUN) is a program designed to reach the millions of deaf who are uneducated, illiterate and don't even know a sign language.  This program uses symbols over a few days of teaching to take individuals from no access to scripture to now being able to understand it.