SUN (Symbolic Universal Notation) is a program that brings Scripture to the Deaf and Deafblind who do not know how to read or use their national sign language. Using a symbolic system of writing, they are able to read God's Word for themselves.

How It Works

SUN (Symbolic Universal Notation) is a symbolic representation of all the words in Scripture. It consists of a small group of universally recognized characters that are then combined or altered to make additional symbols which are called extensions. Between the characters and extensions, all of Scripture can be represented. The symbols in SUN are taught using illustrations to improve retention. The example on the left shows the symbol for "Person" and "Write" makes up the symbol for "Author, writer, or scribe."

Getting Started

Below are a list of resources to help you teach SUN.

English Kit

Facilitator Instructions
English Lesson Plans
English Vocabulary Cards
Reader's Dictionary for English
Sentence Cards
Salvation Lesson Plan
English Salvation Cards
Salvation Sentence Cards
SUN Team Lead Instructions
SUN Brochure

Universal Kit

Universal Vocabulary Cards
Sentence Cards
Universal Salvation Cards
Salvation Sentence Cards

French Kit

Facilitator Instructions
Team Lead Instructions
French Vocabulary Cards
French Vocabulary Card Covers
French Lesson Plans
French Lesson Plan Cover
French Salvation Cards
Salvation Sentence Cards
Sentence Cards
Home Sign Lessons
SUN Grammar
How to Use SUN Dictionary
Reader's Dictionary

Portuguese Africa Kit

Sentence Cards
Home Sign Lessons

Portuguese Brazil Kit

Alpha Dictionary
Sentence Cards
Lesson Plans Vocabulary Cards
Readers Dictionary
SUN Team Lead Instructions

Latin American Spanish (LAS) Kit

LAS Facilitator Instructions
LAS Lesson Plans
LAS Vocabulary Card Covers
LAS Sentence Cards
LAS Salvation Lesson
LAS Home Sign Lessons
LAS How to Use SUN Dictionary
LAS SUN Grammar Rules for Readers
LAS Language Header Sheet
LAS Team Lead Instructions

Swahili Kit

Readers Dictionary

English Demo Kit

Demo Lesson Plan
Demo Lesson Vocabulary Cards
English Demo Lesson Sentence Cards Back
English Demo Lesson Sentence Cards Front

Universal Demo Kit

Universal Demo Lesson Vocabulary Cards
Universal Demo Kit Sentence Cards


Reader's Dictionary
Translator's Dictionary

Follow Up

SUN Demo Video
How to Host a Conference
Creating New Lessons
Facilitating a Small Group
Tracking Calendar
Follow Up Templates


Home Sign Lessons (PDF File)
Home Sign Lessons (PowerPoint File)
You are the Light of the World

SUN Devotions

Our Daily Bread (ODB) Devotions
ODB Cover
SUN Open Bible Stories (OBS)

Teaching Videos & Transcripts

Link to Teaching Videos

Introduction to SUN
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6
Lesson 7
Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Lesson 11
Lesson 12
Reading Scripture
Role of Church
Salvation Lesson
Teaching SUN


Bingo Game 1
Bingo Game 2
Bingo Game 3
Bingo Game 4
Bingo Game 5
Bingo Game 6
Bingo Game 7
Bingo Game 8
Bingo Game 9
Bingo Game 10
Bingo Game 11
Bingo Game 12
Bingo Game 13
Bingo Game 14
Bingo Game 15
Bingo Game 16
Bingo Game 17
Bingo Game 18
Bingo Game 19
Bingo Game 20

Research Articles

Acquiring Spanish Through SUN
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