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These resources are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license so they can be translated into any language, anywhere, at any time, and by anyone—without copyright restrictions. You will find resources to support you from start to finish. Once you are familiar with the resources, you will want to click on Translations to see what is available in your language.

Source Texts

Unlocked Literal Bible

The ULB is a more literal version of the Bible. It is adapted from the 1901 ASV Bible that is currently in public domain.
Sample ULB
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Open Bible Stories

Fifty bible stories from the Old and New Testament along with the following support resources: illustrations, notes, words, and questions.
Sample OBS
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Support for Translation Work

Translation Notes

Verse-by-verse translation helps for translators. Topics include pronouns, implicit information, cultural information, figures of speech and more. These notes also include book level introductions and chapter level notes.
Sample Notes
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Translation Words

A list of important biblical words along with their definitions and translation suggestions.
Sample Words
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Unlocked Dynamic Bible

The UDB is a supplemental resource that can be used alongside the ULB to help clarify difficult passages.
Sample UDB

Translation Questions

These questions are designed to help the translators check for comprehension related to specific books of the Bible.
Sample Questions
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Translation Topics

More in-depth training topics related to figures of speech, biblical time, money, measurements, etc.
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Bible Pictures

Images of important words in the Bible to assist translators in their translation work.

Compass_D transparent

Quality measures for translation processes and partnerships. It's made up of rubrics, scripture outcomes, experimental assessments, and partner testimonies.
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MAST Theory Training

Learn more about the educational theories behind the MAST process.
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Support for Completed Translations

Review Guide
Reviewers' Guide

A guide being developed to allow church leaders to check their translations for the essential doctrines of the Christian faith.
Sample Reviewers' Guide
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