There are several software tools available to help you translate the Bible into your language. These are available for free and are open sourced so you can start translating today.


  • For written translations
  • Easy to use
  • Resources must be accessed through a pdf. Click here to see available resources.


A virtual online program that allows a translator to collaborate with others to draft and check their translation using the MAST methodology. Click on LEARN MORE and use this login to see a demo:

Username: biel
Password: bibleinel12345


  • Great for oral translations.
  • A simple way for someone who has never used recording software to quickly begin translating the Bible into their heart language.


  • For written translations
  • Access other biblical source texts and translate it into your language.
  • Access biblical resources within the tool.
  • Use online or offline.
  • Click here for instructions.


currently in development

A system for oral translators and narrators to securely store their audio files and to invite community checking and review. Translation Exchange is designed for the realities of the developing world: It works 100% off-line via local wifi network and can be run on low-power, low-cost computing devices such as Raspberry Pi. It maintains the same design philosophy as Translation Recorder: simple use, minimal text interface, and attention to audio quality.


A virtual online program that walks translators through a 3-step process of creating a rubric for their Bible Translation.  Examples of the qualities in a rubric include faithful, historically accurate, natural, clear, etc.

Click on LEARN MORE to create your own rubric, view created rubrics or see a demo.