1. What do the different checking levels mean?
    Level 1   affirmed by local church translators
    Level 2 affirmed by the leaders of a local church
    Level 3 affirmed by the leaders of multiple churches
    Unknown translation started, but the checking level is unknown
  2. Can I use a translation that is not at a level 3?
    Yes, you are welcome to use any translation on this site. The levels are there to guide you and let you know who has affirmed this translation.
  3. What is the definition of a leader?
    We believe the local church should make this decision. It could be a pastor, elder, deacon, etc.
  4. Does a translation have to go to level 3?
    The leaders of the local church of that language are the best people to make this decision. A translation at level 3 doesn't mean it's a better quality translation than a level 1 or level 2. It means that it has been checked by leaders of more than one church.