GCBT (Great Commission Bible Translation) is a vision-casting, training, strategizing, and partnering event to advance the Great Commission and Bible translation.  To make available God’s Word in the heart language of the nations is a necessary to fulfilling what of our Lord and Savior Jesus said, “teach them everything I have commanded you.”  Bible Translation is integral to the Great Commission.

GCBT Conferences

Leaders of church networks and like-minded entities are invited to participate at a GCBT Conference.  The event features plenary sessions on topics like:

  • The Great Commission and Bible Translation
  • Global Bible Translation Movement and Wycliffe Associates
  • The Role of the Church in Stewarding Bible Translation
  • The Birth of MAST and the Global Advance
  • Bible Translation and Church Multiplication,

Participants also experience hands-on the 8 Steps Bible Translation MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) and the Bible Translation Tools (BTT), such as the BTT Recorder, BTT Writer, etc.

Participants interact with the speakers and one another as well as present reports on missions.  Participants work on research on Bible translation needs to make an action plan on how to reach the remaining Bibleless people groups with the Gospel of the Kingdom in their heart language and in the form that is most accessible.

The GCBT concludes with participants affixing their signatures on the GCBT Affirmations which they worked on, a covenant of adoption/action plan. Followed by the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, praying for one another and benediction.


Getting Involved

Since the launch of GCBT Manila 2017, more than fourteen GCBT Conferences have been held in different countries and regions of the world.  Participants of the event become part of GCBT Network.  The GCBT Network promotes communication and collaboration to enable the nations to translate God's Word in their heart language in order to make disciples of the nations (Matt. 28:18-20) and hasten the coming of Jesus our Lord and Savior (Matt. 24:14).  For more information on how to be involved, send an email to [email protected].  Log on to GCBT Network