SOUTH asks the question, "Has there been transformation since the scriptures have been translated?" This can be a testimony from a national, staff or a Scripture Outcome Survey after some translation is completed.

Scripture Outcome Surveys

Below are surveys from nationals on the field after they have received scripture that answers the question, "Has there been transformation?"

Scripture Outcome Survey Form

Budu Hani
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Their Testimonies

Below are testimonies from national partners, translators and checkers sharing about their experiences during an event or as a result of an event.

Gilaki Appreciation 2019
Jelly Ann Testimony 2019
Eufrocina Testimony 2019
Karakkad Testimonies 2019
DRC MAST Event from Ugandan Facilitator
Venkanna Scripture Impact in India
God of Miracles - first Bible using MAST
Lessons from Genesis 50
Creating Ownership

WA Testimonies

Below are testimonies from Wycliffe Associates staff sharing about their experiences on the field.

Deaf-Blind Testimonies by Emely Wang 2018
What if I Hadn't Gone Back - R. Harmon
Salatiga Indonesia April 2017