gateway language (GL) is a language into which all our translation resources are being made available to help language communities translate scripture themselves.

Many people would not be able to use WA resources if they were available only in English.  So, WA has chosen certain national languages, languages of education, and trade languages to be gateway languages. Teams translate these resources into gateway languages so that bilingual translators can then translate the Bible from a gateway language into their own language.


Currently, there are 37 gateway languages (see chart below). Some countries may have more than one gateway language, and some gateway languages may be needed in more than one country. Research is still ongoing to determine the complete number of gateway languages needed. Please contact us if you have information about a need in your country. Thank you!

Americas, 3:

  • English (en)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br)
  • Latin American Spanish (es-419)
Pacific, 3:

  • Indonesian (id)
  • Papuan Malay (pmy)
  • Tok Pisin (tpi)
Africa, 5:

  • Amharic (am)
  • French (fr)
  • Hausa (ha)
  • Malagasy Plateau (plt)
  • Swahili (sw)
Eurasia, 3:

  • Arabic, Standard (arb)
  • Urdu (ur)
  • Persian (fa)
  • Russian (ru)


South Asia, 13:

  • Assamese (as)
  • Bengali (bn)
  • Gujarati (gu)
  • Hindi (hi)
  • Kannada (kn)
  • Malayalam (ml)
  • Marathi (mr)
  • Nepali (ne)
  • Oriya (or)
  • Punjabi, Eastern (pa)
  • Tamil (ta)
  • Telugu (te)
  • Urdu, Devanagari script (ur-Deva)
Asia, 10:

  • Chinese (zh)
  • Burmese (my)
  • Cebuano (ceb)
  • Ilocano (ilo)
  • Khmer (km)
  • Laotian (lo)
  • Tagalog (tl)
  • Thai (th)
  • Vietnamese (vi)




Translation Needs

There is always more to do. As Wycliffe Associates creates additional resources in English, we need them translated into the other 36 gateway languages. We can use your help.

Here is a chart of just some of the resources that should be available in the gateway languages so that translation resources are accessible to all.

Are you interested in maintaining a resource?

We are looking for people who are like minded, willing, passionate, and have a heart for Bible translation, especially those who believe the gateway language resources will help people translate the Bible into their own language.

Please use this form to contact the International Gateway Language Manager for more information.

Do you have translation content that you would like to have translated?

Please feel free to use this form to submit your request to our Domestic Gateway Language Manager. They will respond to your request.