Compass is the quality measures for Wycliffe Associates translation processes and partnerships. It's made up of Rubrics (North), Scripture Outcomes (South), Experimental Assessments of Translation (East) and Partner Testimonies of the MAST process (West).



This is a level 2 checking process which will establish whether the translation is Biblically sound and can be used to impact and teach Biblical truths.  The Church will also be creating their own rubric to check the truths and biblical impact of the translation.  This will help in the checking process to catch anything that may have been misunderstood or not comprehended by the translator at the time of the translation.

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Rubric Compilation



Scripture Outcomes

SOUTH asks the question, "Has there been transformation since the scriptures have been translated?" This can be a testimony from a national, staff or a Scripture Outcome Survey after some translation is completed.

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Experimental Assessments


This is the area of quality that tests every imaginable question to see the impact of small details on translation process.

Scripture Comparison
Sample Check



World Established Support Testimony

This is testimony of people/other organizations who are using the MAST process.  Does process work and is it working to help accelerate Bible translation?  These are first hand testimonies of other organizations and how they feel the MAST process works or doesn't work for them.

We are looking for their feedback on the experience(s) or their observation on the MAST process and/or the impact it has made in their country; the people's ability to translate their own scripture.

Experiment on Naturalness, Clarity & Accuracy of Scripture
Thanksgiving - DRC Committee 2019